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Best water repellent spray for sneakers

Product Details: Shoe Waterproof Spray 250ml/300ml/Customized
· Volume: 250ml
· Packaging: Metal can with customized label
· Ingredients: Utilizes advanced nano-technology, safe and non-toxic components
  • 250ml or customized

  • Customized


 Best water repellent spray for sneakers

Introducing our top-of-the-line water repellent spray for sneakers, the ultimate solution to safeguard your footwear against water damage and stains. Our cutting-edge formula forms an invisible barrier on your sneakers, effectively repelling water, dirt, and spills while maintaining the breathability of the material.

Crafted with premium ingredients, our water repellent spray offers long-lasting protection without altering the appearance or texture of your sneakers. Whether you're navigating rainy streets or exploring rugged terrain, our spray ensures your sneakers stay dry and clean in any environment.

Easy to apply and fast-drying, our water repellent spray is suitable for all types of sneakers, including canvas, leather, suede, and mesh. Simply spray evenly onto the surface of your sneakers, allow to dry completely, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your footwear is shielded from moisture and stains.


Usage Instructions:

1. Ensure the shoe surface is clean, free from dust, and impurities.

2. Maintain a distance of approximately 20cm, evenly spray over the entire shoe surface.

3. Allow to dry, forming a waterproof protective film.




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